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Warranty and Terms

  • New item: 1 year, used item: 30 Day Warranty,  (unless stated otherwise). Consumable stuff (like batteries, cartridges) are not covered by warranty.

  • Warranty only cover hardware only. Not software or any virus warranty. If the sale is a software, the warranty is only for its being genuine.

  • Warranty covers repair, replacement or refund.

  • Refund is made only if a replacement is not available.

  • Refund do not include shipping costs.

  • As per industry standard, customers are responsible for return shipping.

  • This warranty will not cover any misuse to cause an item be out of order. We are following Australian Law to practice.

  • Shipping costs are non refundable.

  • This sale includes only what is pictured, unless stated otherwise.

  • webmarkets reserves the right to void any auction or sale advertising with typographical errors or mistakes. We will try our best to accommodate the high bidder in such an occurrence.

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